lunes, 1 de marzo de 2010

it's a MON-day!

Today i was doing some research about photo shoots and i run into this babies, is not about the ppl in the photo, what i see now are the colors and textures and the finishing touch, i might be wrong or right but today i love them...maybe tomorrow i won't
Good to see i'm working hard, though life

someday i will have this hair cut

makes me believe that jumping on couchs can be fashion

a hobo fashion girl

i don't know why but it makes me think
of Alice in Wonderland

i have my own Edward already

...talking about Edwards... love this photo, oh the colours

in this Miley vs Taylor war, i'm a taylor fan, she looks
genuine and real

what can i say about this one...bite me please?

2 comentarios:

María Carla dijo...

me encantó la serie de fotos......aunq edward me sacó de foco jajaja
aki solo falta una pic...
Salvador Dalí y los gatos mojados!!

vla* fashion frontier dijo...

jaja lo tendre en cuenta :)