miércoles, 17 de marzo de 2010

PHAscinating Purple

Since it was about time to post the color of the week i was thinking: i should do not only color of the week in clothes, it could be color of the week in home & deco as well!

So no more talking and much more looking, my color of the week is PURPLE, oh how i love it,i wanna dive in it, i need that purple-ish tones to bright up my day....so yeah, here you have, from me yo you...hope you love it as much as i do!

First let's start with rooms

this one is too much for me
does this have purple in it?
Now moving on with living rooms

i adore this one

now, kitchens, (are those real? i can't imagine cooking in
a purple kitchen)

one of my favs!

sooooo chic

then, we can never forget the little things that will
light up a space

and finally: bathrooms!

too bohemian for me

What else would you like to be purple in your house? i would love some ideas since i'm planning on painting my house, my living room actually, but i'm not sure what color should i use since i've always crave purple for a room (mine is kind of baby blue atm)

well i would love some new ideas for sure


2 comentarios:

Meli dijo...

Me encanta el morado!!!!XOXOXOX.. GOSSIP GIRL

Giovanna dijo...

Very nice spaces! Love them
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