martes, 9 de marzo de 2010

Interior Design in Peru!

Well just for you to see! I'm now presenting a Peruvian House on the Beach, by this two amazing architects and interior designers!

Alexandra Obradovich y José de Col

The green and purple that initially inspired the house decor appears now
in the deck, where the main attraction is the sofa, wich is repeated all along other
spaces in the house

The house contains objects from everywhere, mostly, vintage or antique or bought
during trips to Asia

The materials that were used around the house appears gathered round the fire place
as a context, a way to show what will you find when you walk around the whole place

Aerial view from the living room

They also used peruvian fabrics to do the cushions, mixing the bright colors with the
white and brown to balance the space

The semi spiral staircase has an important role, divides de 1st floor in
two spaces, the living area and the dining area, and has a small water fountain
underneath it

Again the purple and the green have the main roles in the deck area, with
the kitchen open looking at the ocean

Let me know your thoughts...if you wanna see more amazing houses go to Casas Una Revista de Cosas

Love xo


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