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And The Oscar goes to...

So yesterday were The Oscars (as maybe the whole world knew) but what i will try to do today here is a tiny review of the awards and gowns wore in the ceremony.

Even tho this event is all about the performances, we all know is also all about the DRESS! so i will start with the winner of the night and then go on with my own BEST and WORST, hope you enjoy!

First i think i should start with the winner of the night, "The Hurt Locker"
That low budget movie was the big winner of the night, receiving 6 academy awards including Best Movie and Best Director, and for a fun fact, Kathryn Bigelow was james Cameron Ex's wife!!! so it became and Ex Battle!

I personally liked the gown, but it didn't make her look like a Director
i guess i needed the dress to show more power, but at the same time
i like that it's simple, so it kinda reflects her personality

Ooooook so now let start with me favourites now: BEST DRESSED OSCAR 2010


Vera Farmiga in Marchesa
Gosh the dress...THE DRESS!!!! How i wish i could go back to my school
days and have that dress on my prom night!It was SO elegant, so avant-garde, yet so chic.
The perfect choice for a gala
like this! you could see she had some curves and the dress was not even revealing! i just wanted to go there
and touch the fabric and maybe smell it! (maybe not...ok just a little) it looked like silk ohhh,
well i could go on like this but there will not be more space for the other dresses, so
my humble veredict: PERFECT CHOICE


Demi Moore - Versace
Well i don't really think you can go wrong with Versace cotour, but in this case
she could not be more right! even i'm not a fan of that blush color but i think it made her glow!
(yes! glow in the dark!) and the textures were so perfect, i could picture her like a little salmon
with all those layerings going on around her body, wich let me say, she is a hot mamma! i wanna
look like this when i'm older! (like i'm not too old already)


Elizabeth Banks - Versace
Again, who could go wrong with this? I love the lavender-ish color and the layerings!!
What is going on here people?! i want all your gowns NOW! please! Even tho i loved it i do think
she needed some bling! like a neckless or something, but she does look cleaned up!
i keep rememering her as the little skank in the 40 Year Old Virgin so this was
a nice surprise to all of us.


Sandra Bullock - Marchesa
I'm starting to feel these two houses (Marchesa and Versace) got the oscar as
best to dress stars last night. I'm not a big fan of stuff that glows or sparkle (every time i say
"stuff" i keed picturing Meryl Streep with that The Devil Wears Prada look, sayinf: this...STUFF?)
Well yeah, moving on if it sparckles is not my thing but this girl looked really pretty
speacially with those red blood lips, and she won! (The Oscar at least)


Charlize Theron - Christian Dior
Another good choice, i didn't like it in the beggining, i'm not a big fan of having
fabric around my chest area that pretty much says: hey! here are my boobs!
But now that i look at this dress again i think the color is lovely and the dress is neat
Good eye for fashion Charlize.


Cameron Diaz - Oscar de la Renta
Again the sparckels are IN, i did love the "i'm a princess" gown
she lloked so feminine and pretty, way to go Cam, all dress up we can see ayeee
i couldn't get pics from the after party but her dress for that was even better!


Kate Winslet - Yves Saint Laurent
This girl always knows what to wear and how to wear it! even tho i think she could look
a little more flirty or girlie, i do think this dress was for the occation.
Perfect accesories and a little clutch and that kind of "i'm back from the 50's" hair, good choice


Miley Cirus - Jenny Packhan

I didn't like the dress, she tried to look elegant and glamorous and at the same time
a little bit like a rockstar, let's face it Miley: you are just a kid still!
i also didn't like the fact that the bottom part looked so flat, like something was missing.

Kristen Stewart - Monique Lhuillier

Even when the color was so precious, she just didn't know how to wear it
Accesories were missing and she, pretty much with the "i don't care about anything"
attitude, made the dress look dull.
I do give her credit for taking a shower and dressing up (even putting on some heels)
instead of some all stars, but then again, what's wrong with being feminine sometimes?

Anna Hendricks - Elie Saab

Again with the light colours, but in this case, instead of making it look so pretty like Demi did,
she kind of makes this dress looks like sleep wear, and that color pretty much
looks like her skin, it was a good dress, but maybe in some other tone.

Rachel McAdams - Elie Saab

I don't really know what Elie Saab was thinking, but she didn't really do a good job
in dressign stars. I LOVE! this actress and i think she is gorgeous and pretty much fits
in anything they put in front of her, but this make it look like she was kind of pregnant, and the fabric
may have been awesome in some other presentation, but here looked like a swirl of colours
placed in no specific order. I do loved the cut in the front part of the dress tho but i think she could have
use something more chic. (oh! and accesories, a neckless or a headband, something to bright up that face!)

Meryl Streep - Chris March

Meryl, oh Meryl!!! How could you! how could you use this dress that makes you look so old!
You! that in The Devil Wears Prada pretty much had a whole amazing closet
You! that have had so much style among the years
You! That make me love fashion and actually care to look out for designers!
You! the creator of that "stuff"
Well so yeah you can pretty much know what i think of this dress... DULL (she could do better that this)

Jennifer Lopez - Armani Prive

Am i the only one that wants to poke the dress and see if it pops?
Such a wrong choice for a girl that have those hips and bum!!
i don't get it Jlo, you just wanted to make a point? That you have the biggest bum in
the Oscars? Or you were trying to proove that showing your hips makes you more..MORE voluptuous?
Yeah bad choice woman, you looked too futuristic for that event, you might as well
share fashion secrets with Lady Gaga (not that i don't love her style)
oh, and you looked like a table lamp.


Sarah Jessica Parker - Do i even care?
Ok i do is Chanel (chanel????!!!)

I know this girl right here is a fashion icon, and she always goes over the edge with
her gowns and bla bla bla, this is horrible! i hate it! it looks like a silk towel,
that she used to wrap her body while changin her clothes and then found out she was
already late for the event! And that stripe around her neck,
i'm not wearing it and i'm already choking.
Finally, the hair! was she in a convertible on her way there? did she forgot to do her hair?
Oh i get it! Since she was in the shower and put that towel, she also put on a shower
hat and then just removed it.
I know there are lots that say it's an amazing gown, she is also in the Best Dressed portion
i just think they are all blind, being edgy is one thing, that is not called edgy, for me that is a mistake.
I have to add that she can pull off a good outfit almost always but this is a no-no

Well this was my review (tiny i know i know) but i hope it can do good or bad, i have nothing agains the starts that wore what they wore, i do have something against their stylists! People, they pay you to dress them up! you can afford mistakes like that!

*I want to add, that the guy that was presenting the red carpet, Jay (the on on America's Next Top Model) had a HORRIBLE blazer/tux/jacket. How can he (or she) be a fashion critic if he himself dresses up like a curtain.

That's it my fellows, don't take it personally, i just wanted to share my opinion

Love to all and have a good week!


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